Cohabitation Agreements

Are you and your significant other/partner planning to purchase a home together? However, you are not interested in marrying at this time.

Couples can have very different needs in terms of how the home will be purchased, who will be obligated to pay for upkeep and maintenance and what will become of the property if the relationship  ends intentionally or by death.

You will not have the protections regarding asset division afforded to married couples if you and your partner terminate your relationship or if a death occurs. Under these situations you need a cohabitation agreement which will detail all the obligations related to the home purchase and maintenance and what will become of the home in the event the relationship comes to an end.

We can help you draft a contract to fit your needs and to provide you with current and future financial security.

Rely on our knowledge and expertise to explore all the possibilities to help you fashion a contract that will meet your needs today and into the future.  

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