Our Practice Areas


Kantrowitz Law Group’s attorneys have extensive experience and well-developed skills to successfully process your case from inception through trial or in achieving settlement along the way.


As an unmarried parent, you need a law firm that will responsibly pursue or defend your rights in a paternity action to advocate for your and your children’s rights and wellbeing.

Child Custody

Whether in a divorce, post-divorce or paternity matter, Kantrowitz Law Group’s attorneys have extensive experience in child custody disputes, often the most emotionally and bitterly contested issue in all of family law.

Child Support

Child Support is awarded so that children can have the best quality of life despite the financial differences of the parent’s two disparate households.

Alimony / Spousal Support

Do you require support from your spouse to enable you to maintain your standard of living? In Massachusetts, alimony can be ordered from the higher wage-earning spouse to the lower earning spouse.

Division of Assets

The division of the parties’ assets can represent the most complicated, time consuming and challenging obstacle to finalizing a divorce.

Parenting Plans

Devising a parenting plan can be one of the most emotionally challenging parts of any divorce or post-divorce matter.

Post-Divorce Modification

Does a significant change in circumstances require you to seek to modify an outstanding Judgment, either after a trial or based on your Settlement Agreement?

Contempt Actions

Is your ex ignoring the provisions of a Court Order or Judgment to your or your children’s detriment?

Prenuptial Agreements

As you contemplate marriage, you may want to protect and shelter your current and anticipated assets. Or perhaps your fiancé has requested that you sign a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage.

Postnuptial Agreements

Do you find yourself and your spouse at a place during your marriage where you are seeking to redefine financial responsibilities and obligations as you plan for your future?

Same Sex / LGBTQ Actions

Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same sex marriage in the United States. With this legalization came the need for divorce representation for LGBTQ individuals to have fair access to our court system.

Limited Representation

If you are only looking for help with certain issues within the framework of a larger matter, Kantrowitz Law Group’s attorneys can assist you for a portion of your case under the court sanctioned Limited Assistance Representation Regulations.

Collaborative Law

Our law practice offers Collaborative Law which is an out-of-court option for the parties to reach amicable solutions, without litigation.


Are you and your significant other/partner planning to purchase a home together? However, you are not interested in marrying at this time.