Relocation or Removal of Children From Massachusetts to Another State or Country

Do you want to preserve your close parent-child bond?

When a parent seeks to relocate their children to permanently reside outside of Massachusetts, or even at a significant distance from the other parent within Massachusetts, that parent must have the consent of the children’s other parent prior to leaving with the children. Failing receiving that consent, the parent must go to court and obtain the court’s approval in the form of a court order allowing the relocation/removal of the children.

The parent seeking to leave is often doing so to take advantage of an employment opportunity or personal relationship or to be closer to family in another state or even a foreign country. The prospect of geographically separating children from one parent can be an emotionally fraught situation. Battle lines between the parents can be quickly drawn.

The court will be looking at a number of factors when making its decision. These will include who has been the primary custodial parent to the children, the advantages waiting for the parent seeking the removal, and the effects upon the children of staying in Massachusetts versus leaving.

Our firm has the requisite experience with relocation or removal cases and knows what factors need to be proven to the court to either aid a parent seeking a removal or to vigorously defend a parent who wants the children to remain nearby to maintain their parenting time. 

Work with us to obtain the best parenting schedule, should your relocation or removal be authorized by the court or agreed to by the other parent.

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